Baby’s First Dinner Party – Pasta with Meat Sauce

I did it! With the help of my roommate Michelle, I threw a dinner party! When it came down to the menu the question was really this…What will feed the most people for the least amount of money? Pasta.

The best part of this whole thing was setting the table, using my new knives and finally being able to feed my friends! Oh, and pretending I am a real adult. It’s always fun to pretend.

My camera charger is STILL missing. You’ll have to excuse the photography for now until it decides to stop being a diva and come out of hiding.

1 can crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
2 cloves garlic
Basil (as much as you want)
1/2 pound ground beef
Salt & Pepper
2 boxes of pasta
1 medium onion
A pinch of sugar
A pinch of nutmeg

Dice the onion and garlic. Notice my new knife that I’m obsessed with.

Brown the meat.

Add onions. Add the crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Season however you want, I added basil and a little more garlic, salt and pepper and kept tasting until I liked it. Simmer for 25 mintues. 

Meanwhile, boil a pot of water and salt generously. Add the pasta and cook according to the package. Once it’s done, drain it and put the pasta directly in the sauce. Add some water from the pasta if you need some extra liquid in it. This is when I set the table. I was so excited about this part. We didn’t have enough matching dinner plates so I only took a picture of four places we really had seven people eating.

I can’t wait to have a dinner party where I serve something besides pasta! But for my first one it went pretty well! (Besides my completely burned garlic bread, opps).


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