The Cutest Box Brownies You’ve Ever Eaten


Don’t worry. I know this is my first impression post and box brownies aren’t really a stunning way to show my culinary finesse…but these faces. These adorable faces make box brownies stand up to any 5 star dessert. Keep scrolling, you’ll see for yourself.The first step in any box brownie mix is trying to open the bag of dry ingredients without exploding chocolatey powder all over the kitchen. Because I was babysitting at the time it was extra important that there were no explosions of any kind so I decided to cut the bag (to the dismay of these explosion loving children).Next we added the oil. I will not give you a measurement because honestly, I don’t have a box of brownie mix next to me while typing this. Also, it’s on the box. And since this is a box brownie mix post (and let’s be honest this is really about the adorable children) I will abstain from giving any measurements. Or cooking time. Or oven temperature.

 Then we whisked…very intently. Whisking may have been the highlight of the box brownie experience, aside from the obvious favorite…licking the bowl.

There was also a few eggs cracked into the batter but it proved to be too difficult to assist a 5 year old in cracking an egg while simultaneously photographing it.

Then we greased our pan in preparation for our delicious brownie mixture. But it’s hard waiting for your turn!

And now the real fun begins. But not for long…Because eating dinner while brownies are cooling on the stove is really, really hard. It takes a lot of time and apparently a lot of faces before your plate passes Kate inspection and your belly is brownie ready.

We finished! Brownie time people.Anything can be delicious when little hands help to make it!















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